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The Importance of Preventing Drug Abuse Among College Students

There is a high cost for not implementing best practices in drug abuse prevention for students, campuses, and the larger community.



Engaging Students to Enhance Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention and Education

For practitioners working on alcohol and other drug prevention in higher education, it is important for us to engage with our communities of focus to create buy-in, understand needs, and implement strategies that will have a higher likelihood of success. 


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Making Prevention and Early Intervention the First Lines of Defense for this District Attorney’s Office

My DA’s office covers a territory in western Massachusetts that includes a large public university, four private colleges, and a well-regarded community college.



Addressing the Impacts of Legalized Marijuana in Your College Communities

On January 1, 2014, it became legal in Colorado and Washington State for adults 21 and over to buy marijuana for non-medical use in communities that chose to implement the new law. 



Co-curricular Evidence-based Interventions as Value-added Drug Prevention

In 1986, the shocking death of the greatest basketball player who never played professional basketball, Leonard “Len” Bias, shocked the nation.



Social Justice-Oriented Prevention: How Can We Reach and Meet the Needs of Underrepresented and Historically Marginalized College Students?

More than ever before, preventionists on college campuses are called to attend to the needs of a wide range of students, including those from underrepresented or historically marginalized groups.


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Serving Student Veterans

As a 21-year-old junior in college, I was deployed to Iraq. That call came right in the middle of the first semester. I went from being a college student sitting in classrooms to patrolling the streets of Iraq



Harnessing the Power of Statewide Initiatives to Prevent Drug Abuse on College Campuses

Not that long ago, the nation’s campus-based prevention professionals were loosely organized in part by the U.S. Department of Education and its funded Higher Education Center for Alcohol, Other Drug Abuse, and Violence Prevention (HEC), through an entity called The Network Addressing Collegiate Alcohol and Other Drug Issues (The Network). 



Meeting the Needs of Students in Recovery

College is an exciting time of transitions, new experiences, responsibilities, and a lot more unstructured free time. For students in recovery from a substance use disorder, the overall collegiate environment can be frightening and isolating.



The Changing Landscape of Campus Drug Prevention

As Americans enjoy their summer vacations, the campus police chiefs and public safety directors serving our nation’s 4,200 colleges and universities are already turning their attention to the challenges their agencies will face in the new academic year.