• Strategic Planning graphic

    View from the Field

    Dr. Robert C. Reff, Director of Prevention and Wellness at Oregon State University, gives 7 tips to help you become “wicked awesome” with strategic planning.

  • image of "Drug Slang" Publication cover

    Drug Slang

    Find out the latest slang terms for cocaine, MDMA, marijuana and more.

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    Keep Us in the Loop!

    Do you know of a national conference or event about college substance abuse? Let us know.

  • friends talking while sitting on stairs

    Does Someone You Know Need Help?

    Find out ways you can help a friend that is struggling with substance abuse.

  • prescription pills

    Fact Card: Prescription Drug Misuse

    Learn about the prevalence of prescription drug misuse among college students, consequences of prescription drug misuse, things you can do to prevent prescription drug misuse, and resources.


The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is pleased to provide institutions of higher education and their surrounding communities with these resources to prevent drug abuse among college students. We are committed to promoting the importance of prevention and its role in helping ensure the health and safety of our nation’s colleges and universities.



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