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DEA Publications

See below for a list of DEA publications to help support your efforts in preventing drug use and misuse among college students.



Prevention with Purpose: A Strategic Planning Guide for Preventing Drug Misuse Among College Students

This guide provides a roadmap for college- and university-based prevention professionals to collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders, from students to administrators, to address campus-wide drug misuse issues. Read more.


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Do You Think Marijuana is Legal? Think Again. (POSTER)

Want to spread the word about the consequences of marijuana use on campus? Print out this poster to post around campus.


Prescription drugs poster


amphetamines factsheet

Drug Fact Sheets

These printable drug fact sheets (all PDFs) serve as convenient, handy resources that are easy to distribute. Read more.


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How to Properly Dispose of Your Unused Medicines

Unused or expired prescription medications are a public safety issue. The Drug Enforcement Administration provides guidance on the right way to dispose of unused medicine. Read more.


what you should know cannabis

What You Should Know about Cannabis Use among College Students

This fact card highlights the prevalence of marijuana use among college students, marijuana’s status under federal law, consequences of marijuana use, things you can do to prevent marijuana use, and resources. Read more.


Prescription Drug Misuse publication

What You Should Know about Prescription Drug Misuse among College Students

This fact card highlights the prevalence of prescription drug misuse among college students, consequences of prescription drug misuse, things you can do to prevent prescription drug misuse, and resources. Read more.



Preventing Marijuana Use among Youth and Young Adults

This publication provides an overview of the prevalence of marijuana use among youth and young adults; the physical, academic, and social consequences; tips for how to get involved to prevent marijuana use among youth and young adults; and federal resources to assist in such efforts. Read more.  


drug-facilitated sexual assault

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault 

This brochure produced by DEA’s Victim Witness Assistance Program provides information on the various drugs used in sexual assaults, warning signs of being drugged, what to do if you think you or a friend may have been drugged, and resources. Read more. 



Drugs of Abuse (2020)

This publication delivers clear, scientific information about drugs in a factual, straightforward way. It covers topics including the Controlled Substances Act and introduces drug classes including narcotics, stimulants, marijuana/cannabis, inhalants, steroids, and more. Read more.