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Views From the Field


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​Prevention During Times of Uncertainty

Richard Lucey, Jr., Senior Prevention Program Manager in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Community Outreach and Prevention Support Section


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Addressing Substance Misuse on Campus Together

Alcohol. Marijuana. Opioids. Vaping. It is not a secret that misuse of these substances and others is a very real, and in some cases, a growing threat on college campuses nationwide.


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Evolutions in Cannabis Consumption

Though institutions of higher education who accept federal funds must remain compliant with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act—meaning that use and/or possession of cannabis, in any form, or possession of any paraphernalia, will not be tolerated on campus—state retail cannabis laws and regulations are continuing to change.


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Integrating Peer Education in Drug Misuse Prevention Efforts: Considerations for Effective Practice

Within the broad scope of the public health approach, there are many arenas in which trained peer educators can serve as allies to assist in our drug misuse prevention and intervention efforts.


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From 2-Day Prime to the Dark Web: Buying Drugs Online

As an educator, counselor, and dedicated wellness professional within institutions of higher education, it’s important that I understand the generational zeitgeist of my young adult students.


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Addressing Drug-related Violence on Campus: Analyze Before Acting

Substance misuse and violence are both key concerns in campus communities. But what about the overlap of these issues?


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Developing Relevant Drug Abuse Prevention Messages for Students

One of the greatest challenges as a prevention professional in higher education is developing messages and education that will resonate with students. Jargon gets in the way, communication channels are a guessing game (and seem to change by the day), and what to say to a Generation Z student is always difficult. Essentially, how will our message be relevant to our students?



Data Show Alcohol and Drug Use Hinder Academic Performance

College and university presidents and trustees, as leaders of their institutions, have the power to send a powerful message that their schools are committed to student safety, well-being, and academic success. 


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What Keeps Us Up at Night: Views from a Student Conduct Officer on a University Campus

As college landscapes change, student behavior seems to remain a constant. Sure, they find new techniques and new, creative ways to commit violations, but generally speaking, it’s all the same.



Sounding the Alarm on E-Cigarettes

College health professionals have worked hard to decrease traditional tobacco use on campuses by implementing policy and providing education and programming aimed at prevention.