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Views From the Field

Views from the Field are brief articles offering federal, national, state, and local perspectives about drug misuse in higher education from across the nation.


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Substance Misuse Prevention in the Pandemic: Lessons Learned

The COVID-19 pandemic is the public health crisis of this century. In a sense we are all riding the same storm, but in different boats.


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Reflections from the American College Health Association’s Immediate Past-President

Katrin Wesner-Harts, Ed.D., Interim Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs at the University of North Carolina Wilmington


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For the Culture: The Role of Family, Faith, and Cultural Competence in Prevention at HBCUs in Louisiana

One thing that remains consistent, not only in our statewide data but also in national research, is that Black students at HBCUs tend to use substances less, particularly alcohol.


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Supporting Student-Veterans on Campus: Lessons from Lived Experience

I was barely old enough to order a beer when I found myself being deployed to Iraq. This was post-9/11 so to say tensions were high is an understatement at best. I was thrown right into the deep end.


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Investing Time to Achieve Outcomes

As coalition leaders of Missouri Partners in Prevention, Missouri’s higher education substance misuse consortium dedicated to creating healthy and safe college campuses, we get asked a lot about what the most effective way is to create change on campus.


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Campus Police: A Vital Connection to Mental Health and Substance Misuse Services

As a former campus police officer, I have seen firsthand how instrumental training in substance misuse and mental health is for all professionals working in postsecondary settings. 


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Arkansas’s Comprehensive Response to Drug Misuse Among College Students

As the Drug Director for the state of Arkansas, I have the responsibility of overseeing all state-funded substance prevention, substance treatment, and substance recovery activities and programs; advising the governor’s office on drug and alcohol policy issues; overseeing the (fiscal) funding of 19 drug task force units in Arkansas; and overseeing the Arkansas Alcohol and Drug Abuse Coordinating Council.


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​Reimagining AOD Prevention: Making the Transition to the Virtual Space

Decades of research have examined the effectiveness of in-person prevention efforts to address substance misuse among college students. 


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​Prevention During Times of Uncertainty

Richard Lucey, Jr., Senior Prevention Program Manager in the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Community Outreach and Prevention Support Section


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Addressing Substance Misuse on Campus Together

Alcohol. Marijuana. Opioids. Vaping. It is not a secret that misuse of these substances and others is a very real, and in some cases, a growing threat on college campuses nationwide.