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Taking Alcohol From One’s Parents’ Home Without Permission as a Risk Factor for Greater Alcohol and Marijuana Use During the Transition into College

While adolescents and underage emerging adults typically obtain alcohol from social sources (e.g., parents, friends, parties), taking alcohol from the home without permission is not well understood.


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Pandemic Alcohol Abuse Impacts Colleges

Reports of alcohol abuse have risen on Tulane University’s campus, a trend also evident at colleges nationwide, and one that health officials say the many stresses of the pandemic made worse.


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Supporting Healthy Interactions for Students in a Post-Pandemic World

In this article, we’ll discuss findings about the impact of the pandemic, make sense of the science regarding the connection between social anxiety and alcohol consumption, and provide some suggestions for healthy ways colleges and universities can support students in having in-person interactions with their peers and others without alcohol.


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College Student 'Fear of Missing Out' (FoMO) Associated With Illicit Behavior

The fear of missing out (FoMO) on rewarding and fun experiences is something that most people feel at some point in life. Among college students, the degree to which someone experiences FoMO is associated with their risk of participating in maladaptive behaviors including academic misconduct, drug and alcohol use, and breaking the law, according to a new study published this week in the open-access journal PLOS ONE by Paul McKee of Southern Connecticut State University, USA, and colleagues.



Don’t Swallow the Shortcut Study Pill

With midterms on the way, students are under more tremendous stress than ever. There’s a great deal of pressure to study diligently. While some students contemplate sacrificing their appetite and sleep, others are willing to go far further. The overall use of Adderall is an issue on college campuses, and the drug is regularly abused by those without a prescription.


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Biking While High on Meth, Opioids Is Sending Thousands to ER

Biking while stoned leads to thousands of serious crashes each year, a new study suggests.


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Prevention with Purpose: Guiding New Professionals in the Field

Jonah Neville, M.S., CHES, is a Health Promotion Specialist at the University of Florida. In this month's View from the Field, Jonah shares prevention tips such as how to assess factors affecting high-risk students and the tradeoff of “Importance versus Changeability."


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Well-Being on Campus: The Role of Collegiate Recovery Programs

Kristina Canfield is Executive Director for the Association of Recovery in Higher Education. In this month’s View from the Field, Kristina focuses on the role of Collegiate Recovery Programs in well-being on campus.


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Penn State Students Cautioned on Brightly Colored 'Rainbow' Fentanyl

UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. — Following a recent press release from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Penn State students are cautioned on the presence and dangers of brightly colored fentanyl known as “rainbow fentanyl.”


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DEA Warns Returning College Students to Be Wary of Potential Fentanyl-Laced Pills

With classes resuming at colleges and universities, the Drug Enforcement Administration is imploring students and administrators to be wary of counterfeit pills that may contain fentanyl, a powerful synthetic opioid that can be deadly in even small amounts.