Muncie Community, Ball State College of Health Band Together for Prevention and Drug Take Back Event

(Ball State University Blog) It’s not every day you see pink unicorns and blue toucans dancing at the Scramble Light on the Ball State University campus. But they were there to call attention to an important event about a serious topic.

Battling the blustery cold, a large group of Ball State faculty, staff, and students—including a few students in colorful costumes meant to attract attention—conducted the third annual Prevention and Drug Take Back Day, part of an initiative to educate the campus community on drug awareness and harm reduction. The concept of harm reduction includes acceptance that illicit drug use is a part of our community, but attempts to reduce the harmful effects of drug use rather than ignore or condemn it.

The event was held Oct. 20 by the Ball State University Center for Substance Use Research and Community Initiatives (SURCI), the Addictions Coalition of Delaware County (ACDC), the Student Association for Addressing Addictions (S3), and the Ball State Healthy Lifestyle Center in partnership with the Muncie Folk Collective and its Harm Reduction Team.

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