Drug & Alcohol Use Prevention: Video Series

Parents and educators will find the following short videos helpful in identifying the risks of youth drug and alcohol use.

The University of Virginia's Gordie Center released this video series in partnership with Region Ten Community Services Board. To learn more, go to https://regionten.org/blog/talk/.

Teaching Kids How to Help a Friend

Did you know that teens are more open to talking about alcohol when the conversation is focused less on their behavior and more on how they can be a good friend? To learn more, go to https://regionten.org/talk/

The Importance of Expressing Disapproval of Underage Drinking

Did you know that over 80% of youth say their parents are the most important influence on their decision to drink? To learn more, go to https://regionten.org/talk/

Helping Teens Get Out of Uncomfortable Situations

Even the smartest kids can get into unsafe social situations with alcohol. Starting in middle school or earlier, help your kids prepare for these decisions. To learn more, go to https://regionten.org/talk/

Alcohol & the Developing Teen Brain

Did you know that you can make a positive impact on your kids’ learning and memory by setting clear rules not to drink before the legal age of 21?

Risks of Allowing Children to Sip Alcohol

Did you know that kids who sip alcohol before 6th grade are 4 times more likely to have gotten drunk by the start of high school?

Risks of Allowing Teens to Drink

Did you know that teens who are allowed to drink at home have an increased risk of drinking heavily, having alcohol-related injuries, and developing an alcohol use disorder?

Surprising Benefits of Parent/Teen Arguing - Short

Did you know that teaching your middle schooler to argue calmly and respectfully can prevent drug use?

Surprising Benefits of Parent/Teen Arguing

Did you know that the way you respond to arguments with your teen influences how they respond to peer pressure?

PUBS Signs of Alcohol Overdose - Talk With Your Kids

Talk with your kids about the PUBS signs of alcohol overdose. They might be the ones to save a life!

Parents: Talk with your Student about Hazing

Parents, talk with your students about hazing! This short video helps parents provide guidance for their students in choosing groups that don't haze, and suggests ways to get the discussion started.