Peers on Wellness Program at Babson College

Peers on Wellness logoPeers On Wellness is a student leadership program devoted to promoting health and educating fellow Babson students on a range of wellness topics. POWs are educators, leaders, role models, and resources to the Babson community. Wellness & Prevention Services Staff advise the POWs.
POWs promote health, balance, and well-being through programming, education, and leadership. As advocates, we adapt to the ever-changing needs of the diverse Babson community to elevate student wellness as a priority for the undergraduate population.
As POWs, we strive to empower our peers to prioritize health and wellness during their Babson career. We believe that valuing health and personal well-being contributes to success, meaning that we want students to be well, so they can do well.

Got Your BAC Orientation Program

Got Your BAC is a workshop presented to all incoming Babson students during new student orientation. It is facilitated by one or two POWs and a staff co-facilitator. It complements an online program that incoming students are required to take prior to coming to Babson, titled “Watch Your BAC.” Training and practice sessions are required in the weeks leading up to orientation, and guided by staff advisors. Topics covered include social norms data of nondrinkers, standard drink pouring activity, alcohol emergencies and Babson’s amnesty policy, and campus resources.
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Living Substance-Free Event

Living-Substance Free is an event held every semester, typically the first Thursday after classes start. It is a moderated panel of nondrinkers on Babson’s campus. Each semester we strive for diversity in our panelists, and hope to include a student-athlete, fraternity and/or sorority members, and general community members. After the panel, we open it up for audience questions, and then end with a reception for students to meet each other. Students do not have to be living substance free to attend. We welcome all students to come and learn about and support those making choices that may or may not be different from their own. We invite students to give their contact information to be kept updated on substance-free programming on campus.


Ashleigh Hala, Director of Wellness and Prevention Services,
Elise Brucato, Assistant Director of Wellness and Prevention Services,


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