Opioid Prevention Campaign Kicks Off at Sonoma State

(Sonoma State Star) Trevor Leopold was a freshman at Sonoma State when he died of a fentanyl overdose in 2019. Trevor was battling with addiction, so what he thought was oxycodone, a pain medication, was instead a fentanyl counterfeit. At 18 years old, that unknowing decision cost him his life. He was said to have a very positive outlook on life and was actively working toward a bright future. As fentanyl overdoses are becoming more common, no one is immune to the possibility of counterfeit drugs.

Michelle Leopold, Trevor’s mother, is now an activist for overdose prevention and will be speaking at an event hosted by SSU on Mon., March 6 in Ballroom A. She is going to be discussing how to be an educated consumer, how to save lives during an overdose, and how one pill can kill. 

To prevent more stories like Trevor’s, Sonoma State and other colleges around California are increasing awareness and prevention in a new campaign.

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